Items Men Wear That Women Find SUPER DUPER SEXY!

These are the items that make you look super duper sexy, and women will notice you for sure, and some were quite notable let me tell you that…. Women Find These Men’s Items HOT:

pick up artist club
pick up artist club

1. Great fitting V tee shirt

2. Nice looking beard

3. Tailored suit

4. Button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up (ohhh yes)

5. Smelling like a king

6. Flannel shirts

7. Fitted Henley

8. Leather jacket

9. skinny jeans or well fitted jeans

10. Khakis rolled slightly at the ankle

There you have it boys…..go shopping now….yes right now and get these items to improve your sexiness and game.

8 Things That Make a Man Look HOT Even if He’s NOT

Ok Boys let’s ask ourselves.. Can something make men look hotter than they are?  Of Course,,these are our Alpha Casanova’s secrets and tips for you to make you.. Smokin’ Hot:

pick up artist club
pick up artist club

1. Black fitted shirt

2. Three button Henley

3. Buttons undone

4. Sexy watch

5. Cool SunGlasses

6. Cool hair style

7. Leather jacket

8. Sexy men’s fragrance

There you have it…Alphas